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Our Mission
Mtoto Africa is a 501(c)3 who is focused on strengthening communities through educating children. By removing barriers such as lack of food, poor health, safety, trained teachers and a better learning environment, many young Kenyans will have a chance at a more independent and sustainable future.

Our Philosophy
We believe providing an education is not just about the school. Kids needs mentors, job training, a safe living environment and positive relationships. We encourage local ownership through local participation. Student, parent and community involvement is key to success. We are open to not only financial participation and giving of resources, but also trips to the local Kenyan communities in Africa for hands-on learning and sharing experiences. Presently, Mtoto Africa is uniquely positioned to give 100 percent of its funds to its projects.

How You Can Become Involved
In the past, we have had people involved through the giving of time, money or other resources. We highly encourage people to take a trip to Africa to participate on projects on the ground. Most recently in June of 2011, a group of 9 volunteers travelled to Kenya and put together a library for a local school. If you are interested in being involved, please email or call us.


2014 - Comet House

Our next project is Comet House. Comet house will be designed to house poor and bright students and provide them with basic needs Food, Clothing and Shelter. Providing these basic needs will allow the children to focus on education and not worry about whether they will have dinner. We hope to mentor these children until they are done with school and are in the workforce.

2012 - Public Library

In July 2012, Mtoto Africa took on its most ambitious project yet! A group of eleven traveled from Atlanta to complete construction of the first public library in Gikambura, Kikuyu Kenya. We painted the interior walls and added murals, build and painted book shelves for 6000 titles, build and painted tables and benches to sit 90 people and cataloged and shelved the books - all in 5 days!!

2011- School Library

In the summer of 2011, a team of 10 from Atlanta left home for 10 days on a mission trip - destination, Magutu-ini Primary school in Kikuyu, Kenya. Mtoto Africa's 2011 project was to convert a somewhat abandoned building into the first ever Library at a public school in the Kikuyu area. For all the 300 students at the school, they had never seen the inside of a library.

2010- School Desks

In 2009, Mtoto Africa visited his former primary school in Kikuyu Kenya. The school seemed to have been run down mainly due to lack of support from the government. There was shortage of teachers which lead to overcrowded classrooms and extremely high teacher/student ratio. In some classrooms, 4 to 5 kids were sharing a desk that is designed to seat 2.