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2013 was a beginning of a new chapter for Mtoto Africa. While we have all along focused on education, in 2012 we embarked on a very long-term project, the Comet House. Throughout the years, we have met many children with high academic potential but without basic needs or sufficient support systems to foster academic growth. The result is children who don’t go beyond 8th grade, they end up on the streets abusing drugs, committing petty crimes and some ending up in jail. This only fuels the never-ending generational poverty cycle.

Comet House was officially opened in summer of 2014. The boys are selected on a very simple criterion: They come from extremely poor families and have a high academic potential. When these boys come to the Comet House, they are provided with food, shelter and clothing that they otherwise lack at their homes. They attend a local private school and for the most part, all they have to do is study.

As of January 2016, we have 9 resident boys at the Comet House, all of whom have academically risen to the top 10% of their classes. Our long-term goal is to see these children go to high school and graduate from college and their mentors helping them transition into the job market.