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Food for Families

Every year when we travel to Kenya, we pair up our visiting groups with local families that they "adopt". In the Kikuyu tradition ( and Kenya in general ), it would be un customary to visit someone's house empty handed. Visitors will bring a packet of flour or a kilo of sugar for their host, similar to how Americans would bring a bottle of wine or a side dish to a dinner.

Over the last 5 years, we have selected a few families that we have "adopted" and we bring food to them when we visit. These are usually families that miss a couple of meals ( or more ) a week. One such family we visited in June of 2011 was so excited and overjoyed to receive several bags of food. This single mother drove some of us to tears when she told us in the local language that she and her 5 children had no food for 3 days!! The kids had survived by a small meal they get at school. In her own words, she told us this was a miracle as she had prayed that God would provide and not let the kids go one more night without food. 

We delivered food to last about 3 to 4 months, at a mere cost of US $60.

Please click here to see some pictures of previous family visits.