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2008 - Sewing, Uniforms, and Joseph

2008 was our first trip to Africa as Mtoto Africa.

During this trip, we worked with another organization to start a small sewing project that would employ single mothers in the area, allowing them to make some money and giving back a percentage back to a local school. The start-up included sewing machines and rolls of materials to get them started. As their first order, Mtoto Africa ordered 50 pairs of uniforms for poor kids in the village which was a great business boost for the single mothers.

During the same visit, we met a 7 year old Joseph who was having a hard time playing soccer with his friends. It turns our he had club feet on both legs, impeding his walking and running. This is a condition that can be treated without surgery if corrected early in life. With Joseph, he had to have surgery that would cost about $2000 out of pocket. The money for his surgery was raised within 2 months mostly by Pre-K students and their parents but also by youth and church members of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Joseph has had surgery on one foot that was successfully corrected and is currently undergoing treatment on the other.

On the last day at the school, we had a field day with the kids using simple materials brought from the US and some purchased locally. The kids learned new games and we learned some too! 

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