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2011- School Library

In the summer of 2011, a team of 10 from Atlanta left home for 10 days on a mission trip - destination, Magutu-ini Primary school in Kikuyu, Kenya. Mtoto Africa’s 2011 project was to convert a somewhat abandoned building into the first ever Library at a public school in the Kikuyu area. For all the 300 students at the school, they had never seen the inside of a library.

At the end of the trip, the team cleaned the building, painted the walls, added murals, build shelves, benches and tables. The team also brought with them over 700 books (donated by Books for Africa) as extra luggage. When the library was done, its capacity was seating 100 and over 1000 books. The kids were amazed to see these many books in one room and they were theirs to read!!

The kids at the school now have scheduled “library” classes where they can do private study or work on their homework. The junior high (Grades 5 to 8) also come to the library over the weekends for extra free tuition by volunteer teachers.

As of today, this project is by far, the largest Mtoto Africa has done. Thanks to the team below for their hard work, long days and relationships created.

Other 2011 projects completed:

In addition to the library, the team visited our “adopted” families and delivered food to feed the families for 4 to 6 months depending on family size. One of the teenagers on the team donated a sewing machine to a school in Kibera to be used by the girls to sew their own sanitary pads.

Team 2011
Lee and Margaret Burrows
Bert and Wyn Ponder
Dave and Alex Oliver
Nancy Brockway
Ethel Wright
Cooper Munson
Fredrick Gituku

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