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2010- School Desks

2010 Project

In 2009, Mtoto Africa visited his former primary school in Kikuyu Kenya. The school seemed to have been run down mainly due to lack of support from the government. There was shortage of teachers which lead to overcrowded classrooms and extremely high teacher/student ratio. In some classrooms, 4 to 5 kids were sharing a desk that is designed to seat 2.

After speaking with the schools management, Mtoto Africa was allowed to help starting with the biggest need to “decongest” the classrooms. The following year, 2010, a small team of 3 headed to Kikuyu with the goal of building some new desks for the school. The team build 60 new desks and repaired another 60 that were salvageable, adding the seating capacity by 120.

Mtoto Africa also hired a private trained teacher, Naftali Nganga, to focus on Math and Sciences. Naftali teaches 6ththrough 8thgrades, with a goal to get the kids ready for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education ( KCPE) examinations that determine High school eligibility.

Other 2010 completed projects:

The team visited our “adopted” families (6 in total) and delivered basic food to feed the families for 4 to 6 months depending on family size. Cost - $120 per family.

Hired landscaper to clean up the school grounds

Replaced over 100 broken window panes.


Team 2010

Josette Landry

Robi Sarkar

Fredrick Gituku

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