Comet House Community Center

Comet House Community Center originally began as a boarding house for young boys, which was called Comet House. We realized our students needed stronger education solutions than what they were receiving at local schools, so we transitioned from Comet House to the Comet House School. Then, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Comet House building became, and will remain, a community center.

Now, we provide basic needs like food and distribution drives from the Comet House Community Center, which is a building owned by Mtoto Africa. The goal is to provide tutoring services, job training, and other community needs from this location. As funding permits, we have a dream to incorporate a full library at the Comet House Community Center to encourage literacy for early education as well as adults.


Alice, nicknamed Angel, and her older sister Tracy are both orphaned. Prior to joining the Mtoto family, she was being raised by her aunt along with 4 other kids…

Alice wants to be a Wonder Woman when she grows up!!

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