Comet House School

Comet House School was launched due to overcrowding of classrooms in public schools; a lack of teachers; and limited supplies, which made learning and teaching ineffective. We endeavored to start education in early childhood. So, we begin at the daycare age, which allows us to filter children into our primary school, being influenced with literacy and fine motor skills development; eventually they transition into our elementary and middle schools.

The long term goal is for 50% of students to attend on a scholarship, due to financial need, and considering the majority of children come from impoverished families who have experienced generations of poverty.

Our model is based upon support secured from generous partners and funders that will facilitate the needs for those who are under-resourced. Ultimately, we want to report 100% high school graduation and 80% college and/or vocational course completion for our students. We know that if we break the cycle for each generation, they will reach back and lift up the next generation, with a positive cycle of education at the foundation. Future generations will become the sponsors and supporters of the programs and services, creating a cyclical approach to solving poverty through education.


Ian and Brian first came into the Mtoto Africa family through our Comet House boarding home in April 2014. After their parents passed away, they were left…

Now, Ian and Brian are both in high school with hopes of attending college after graduation.

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