Our Stories

Moses Waweru

Moses is an orphaned child who joined us in 2015 after being neglected and abandoned by his aunt who was responsible for him. Moses lost both his parents at an early age and was left under the care of his grandmother who later died leaving him under the care of his aunt.

Moses was introduced to Mtoto Africa by his neighbor after his aunt abandoned him in their rented house. She had packed and left while he was in school, leaving him with only what he was wearing.

He later shared that he was physically abused and even intentionally starved. We first brought him into our former Comet House boarding home after securing legal guardianship over him. Moses is a hardworking and respectful boy who continues to grow and excel. His average performance in school has consistently been between 380 and 400 points out of a possible 500.

Moses aspires to be surgeon.

Tracy Waithera

Tracy was left orphaned after her remaining parent passed away in 2015, leaving her under the care of her grandmother.

She came into the Mtoto Africa family in 6th grade and was admitted to Moi Girls Boarding High School Kamangu. Mtoto Africa helped her apply to Kikuyu Constituency Education Fund (KICE) who assisted in paying her school fees.

Now, Tracy is a high school graduate, currently enrolled in social work courses.

Ian Kinyoro & Brian Githiga

Ian and Brian first came into the Mtoto Africa family through our Comet House boarding home in April 2014. After their parents passed away, they were left under the care of their older sister. She got married leaving them to live with their older brother who was only 16 at the time. They would often have to clean and cook for themselves after school because their brother worked late at several manual jobs.

Their health was not really well, so we decided to engage them in our programs. They were given shelter, food, and access to educational support. They received what all students need…stability.

Now, Ian and Brian are both in high school with hopes of attending college after graduation.

Dennis Njau

In the village of Kikuyu Kenya, Dennis Njau was raised in a single parent home. His mother worked 60 hours a week earning only $100 a month. She barely made enough to manage household bills, so affording college tuition for Dennis was impossible. Although he had been accepted to a local university, Dennis had given up hope of a college education. He began looking for daily manual labor to help his mother pay the bills. Dennis learned about Mtoto Africa’s Scholarship & Education Transitions Fund, and our mission to break cycles of poverty through education, and quickly contacted us. As a result of our support, Dennis recently completed his internship after graduating with a college degree in Clinical Medicine. He is now positioned to earn a livable salary upon employment. Because of his connection with Mtoto Africa, the poverty cycle in Dennis’ family has stopped through his hard work and dedication.———

Dennis hopes to further his training to become a Cardiologist.

Alice Wambui

Alice, nicknamed Angel, and her older sister Tracy are both orphaned. Prior to joining the Mtoto family, she was being raised by her aunt along with 4 other kids. The aunt hardly had enough resources for her own children, therefore Alice lacked a lot of basic needs, including food. Alice’s grandmother is now the legal guardian and Comet House Community Center provides her needs.

Alice’s academic performance has greatly improved since she joined our family in the summer of 2018. Also, her family has received many resources through the Comet House Community Center, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alice wants to be a Wonder Woman when she grows up!!

Isaac Kariuki

We met Isaac while visiting the feeding program at Kiandutu. Isaac was living with his mother who was very abusive physically and would constantly beat him for no apparent reason. He was really malnourished and upon medical check-up, he was placed on special diet.

When Isaac join the Comet family, he was slow to warm up and to trust, likely from his abuse history. He has really come a long way and is now able to socialize, and has warmed up to the other boys.

Isaac is a level one student at Comet House Elementary School. He loves music and likes to dance.



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