Mtoto Scholarship & Education Transitions Fund

In a Kenyan village, if a family cannot afford to send their student to college, after the long, arduous and most times lucky opportunity of even getting their child to high school graduation, the possibility of college is nearly impossible. Mtoto steps in to provide support for college tuition, books, and other needs a student may have to transition to college or vocation.

We also assist with transitions to local high schools, which also has an associated cost. Unlike the United States, education beyond elementary school is not a right, it is a privilege. Our support allows students to continue forward, leveraging their education skills to set them up to become gainfully employed and positive contributors to their community.


In the village of Kikuyu Kenya, Dennis Njau was raised in a single parent home. His mother worked 60 hours a week earning only $100 a month. She barely made…

Dennis hopes to further his training to become a Cardiologist.

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